• 17 июля 2018, вторник
  • Москва, 20 Myasnitskaya str., room 116

Carlo Ratti: Senseable cities

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Высшая школа урбанистики
1541 день назад
17 июля 2018 c 20:00 до 21:30
20 Myasnitskaya str., room 116

The way we live, work, and play is very different today from what it used to be just a few decades ago, largely because of the break-through in increasing  global connectivity. In a similar way, today we are witnessing a new technological revolution: the Internet is entering our physical space, the traditional domain of architecture and design, and is becoming the “Internet of Things”. As such, it is opening the door to a variety of applications that, in a similar way to the first wave of the Internet, can encompass many domains: from energy to mobility, from production to citizen participation. In his lecture Prof. Carlo Ratti will address these issues from a critical point of view demonstrating projects by the Senseable City Laboratory, a research initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the design office Carlo Ratti Associati.

Carlo Ratti — professor, director at MIT Senseable City Lab, founding partner at the Carlo Ratti AssociatiAn architect and engineer by training, Carlo Ratti is a leading voice in the debate on the impact of new technologies on urban life. His works have been exhibited worldwide, including at the Venice Biennale, New York MoMA, London Science Museum, and Barcelona Design Museum. He has been included in the Wired Magazine’s ‘Smart List: 50 people who will change the world’. Currently Carlo Ratti is serving as co-chair of the Global Future Council on Cities and Urbanization of the World Economic Forum, and as a special advisor on Urban Innovation to the European Commission.

The lecture will take place in Shukhov Lab which acts as a catalyzing agent of the Moscow innovation world. By organizing a wide range of social events it aims to build a strong community of innovators in Moscow and elsewhere, gathering together talented people in one location.


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